The Sojourner Center

Overcoming the Impact of Domestic Violence One Life at a Time


We believe once nurtured, brokenness of the soul, like glass, yields beauty under the right conditions. So we donate a portion of sales to the Sojourner Center, helping women overcome the cycle of abuse.


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Sojourner Empowerment Philosophy

Sojourner Center’s programs are based on an “empowerment model”, which is a non-psychotherapeutic approach that sees domestic violence as an imbalance of power within relationships. This desire for control over the other is evidenced by physical, mental, verbal, sexual, emotional, psychological or economic abuses.

Empowerment centers on the belief that women and children can break the cycle of domestic violence through supportive intervention because they posses the ability to make decisions that foster healthy, violence free relationships. This philosophy acknowledges a women’s competency and offers her support, resources, advocacy, information, and education, always striving to equalize power between a woman and her environment.

A large amount of Sojourner Center’s resources are devoted to helping children, who are often the silent victims of domestic violence. Programs focus on creating safety, overcoming trauma, conflict resolution, basic skill-building, and education about domestic violence.

Sojourner Center offers services to women regardless of past or present involvement with substance abuse, mental illness, race, color, creed, religious preference, disabilities, or sexual orientation. The center maintains a drug-free shelter.


Sojourner Center’s Services
Residential Programs
  • 24-hour crisis line offering access to information about shelter, safety planning, crisis intervention, support, other resources, and referrals to other organizations

  • Emergency housing, food, clothing, and a continuum of support services for families

  • Transitional housing for families leaving emergency shelter


  • Advocacy services and employment assistance for women at the shelter and in the community

  • Information and service linkage for safety planning, protective orders, healthcare, housing, education, employment, food boxes, and parenting support


Lay Legal Advocacy
  • Assistance with protective orders, court accompaniment, safety planning, referral and resource, and service linkage to other providers

  • Advocates located on site at Maricopa County Superior Court


Family Enrichment Program
  • Accredited and licensed childcare services

  • Addresses the impact of domestic violence on the entire family unit

  • Support resources, prevention groups, parenting classes, and staff/parent collaborations

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