My name is Kimberly Kiefer and I own my own business that I named Beautifully Broken.  I am a single mother of 3 kids and I started my business 6 years ago in order to make some extra “fun” money for our family.  I was inspired by some beautiful beaded belt buckles I saw at a women’s expo that spring.  They were a little out of my budget, so I tapped into my creative juices and decided to make my own.  Around the same time, my friend showed me how to make a mosaic picture for my back yard.  She used broken pottery pieces that she purchased for a hefty amount.  I am a runner and I instantly thought of all the discarded glass I see along the stretch of road.  I decided to start collecting a little glass in my running pack on each run that I went on.  I made my first buckle out of my grandmother’s old necklace that I had tucked away in my jewelry box for a number of years and some old glass I picked up.  It turned out pretty cool, so I decided to make a few more.  I showed some of my friends and they thought maybe I had something special so I decided to create my own business. 


I now make jewelry, belt buckles, patio art and home décor that is made out of broken recycled glass.  I love how the name of the business was born- I was out to dinner with some friends and we were brainstorming on a cool name.  One of my friends said “What about Beautifully Broken?”  we instantly all KNEW this was the name!  Not a second later our waiter dropped a wine glass and it shattered on the floor!  We all knew this was a sign that Beautifully Broken was the right name!  (Yes, I even asked the waiter to scoop up some of the glass so I could keep it as a momento). Some of the  glass I use is from the roadside, donated by friends, found at second hand stores and even donated by local windshield replacement companies.  I use wine bottle, beer bottle, windshield, safety glass,  stained glass etc.  I have found my purpose and passion and absolutely love what I do! 


I met with a life coach who encouraged me to give back to something as a part of my business so I chose the Sojourner Center, a local women’s crisis center as a worthy charity.  I figured my journey as a divorced mother of 3 with a college degree was very challenging.  I wanted to donate to these women who could certainly have someone on their side to help them.  I feel a connection to these women who are leaving a situation to better their life.  I donate a portionof proceeds to this worthy cause.  I am honored to be connected to such a wonderful charity who helps thousands of women and children.


My dream is to help people and make meaningful things for people.  I have taken family heirlooms that were broken and made some amazing things out of the shards of glass.  I want to make a difference in people’s lives and put a smile on their faces.  



Unique gifts using broken glass

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