Longtime Phoenix resident and mother of three, Kim Kiefer is the heart and soul behind the buckles. Her idea to transform trash to treasure was born during a run across the long stretch on Pecos Road. Kim noticed scores of broken glass bits sprinkled along the road. Carefully collecting the fragments, she wondered what she could do with them when, like so many creative ideas, it just came over her – belt buckles.

In keeping with her values, Kim uses 100% recycled glass from various sources – from wine bottles to windshield glass – to create each buckle. Each one is handcrafted with a unique design, often created from estate jewelry or bits of broken glass that hold special meaning.

When Kim introduced the buckles to her friends over dinner one evening, the reaction was enthusiastic. Everyone chimed in with ideas for marketing and tossed around possible names for what would become Kim’s signature creations. Someone chimed, “what about Beautifully Broken?” and at that very moment, the server dropped a plate that shattered next to the table. It was a divine moment. Beautifully Broken was born, and Kim fashioned a buckle from that shattered plate, sparking a brand new design concept.

The women in the Sojourner Center have something in common with our re-purposed glass. Their bodies may have been broken, their souls shattered, but with love and care, each woman has the power to be transformed into something more resilient, more enduring. Broken, once nurtured, can transform into beautiful.

Unique gifts using broken glass

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